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Saturday, April 16, 2011

Small tips and tricks

Thought to share few tips and tricks...

1.Ubuntu fresh installation
While making a fresh installation of ubuntu, it's always safer to give separate partitions for boot, root(/), swap(if needed) and home directory. So, while installation, select "Manual partitioning" and delete all the current partitions(ALWAYS REMEMBER TO TAKE BACKUP BEFORE PROCEEDING FOR FRESH INSTALLATION). And specify partitions as follows:(I will take my system configurations as an example, so that may give you an idea)

- /boot   : Primary partition, 100MB space
- /          : Primary partition, 20GB space (min recommended is 8GB)
- /home : Primary partition, rest-complete space

I didn't find any need to give anything for swap partition. As I have 4GB RAM and applications I would be running includes VMWare workstation/VirtualBox, Ubuntu Compiz effects, Firefox, Google Chrome, etc.

So, I didn't find to waste any space for swap, if I won't be needing it. You may decide swap according to your needs.
Here is a link, which can be helpful for taking backup and reinstalling/upgrading ubuntu:

2. Execute command from history
Many times, things may happen like, you want to execute a very long command and you are as lazy as I am. So, here is what you do:

ubuntu@localhost:~$ history |grep rsync
  110  man rsync 
  111  rsync -h
  116  rsync -h |grep time
  117  rsync -h |grep -i time
  122  rsync -arH some/local/dir some-machine-name:/some/remote/dir
ubuntu@localhost:~$ !122
rsync -arH some/local/dir some-machine-name:/some/remote/dir

3. rsync : Sync and Backup utility in Ubuntu

..............Done(for now)!!!

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